Europe: A Beautiful Idea?

Nexus-conferentie 2004

The conferences on Europe culminated in an Intellectual Summit focused on the questions: is Europe a beautiful idea? If it is: why? And what does this imply? What is the ideal and what is reality? What can we do to continue realising the idea of Europe? One thing is certain: the idea of Europe has no future without the citizens of Europe. As Winston Churchill pointed out in his United Europe speech in 1947: ‘Europe is a spiritual conception. But if men cease to hold that conception in their minds, cease to feel its worth in their hearts, it will die.’


09.00 Welkom Rob Riemen

09.10 Inleiding Atzo Nicolaï

09.20 Lezing Adam Zagajewski

10.00 Debat A citizen of Europe

11.40 Lezing Jacqueline de Romilly

12.10 Debat European Culture and Education

13.30 Lunch 14.15 Concert Schönberg Ensemble

14.45 Debat European Values. The Philosophical Debate

16.30 Debat Europe. A Beautiful Idea? Agenda for the Future.

18.00 Slotbeschouwing Jan Peter Balkenende

18.10 Afsluiting Rob Riemen