How Much Is Enough?

Robert Skidelsky

What has happened to the ideal of the ‘good life’ in our time? From an economic point of view, we in the West could have begun living the ‘good life’ – filled with health, safety, respect, personal development and leisure – a long time ago, but we haven’t, or not sufficiently. Why not? Are there economic barriers, or are we facing a moral or social deficit? Does thinking about a new economic paradigm amount to dangerous idealism, or is it a much-needed realistic answer to the financial crisis? Should we continue to bank on economic growth, or has it been quite enough, and has the moment come for us to invest our time and efforts more wisely, into a better life? And what political shape should it take?


Robert Skidelsky on his book How Much Is Enough and on the essay Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren from 1930, in which Keynes invited his readers to take a wing into the future. Where are we standing now?


Robert Skidelsky discussed the role of banks and politics in the financial crisis with the financial experts Wim van den Goorbergh, Hans Hoogervorst and Jeroen Kremers. The lively debate was moderated by Rick van der Ploeg.