The Last Revolution

Nexus Conference 2017

The Jasmine Revolution, the Egyptian Revolution, Euromaidan: it is hard to imagine now, exactly one hundred years after the fact, that the Russian Revolution promised to be the last revolution. Despite the Bolshevik’s optimism and dreams of equality, the Russian Revolution, like other revolts, brought about a terrifying destruction of liberty, values and truth.

Revolutions continued to occur, and questions about the destiny of humankind and society remain unanswered. Why do revolutions happen? What are the powers that liberate, and what are the powers that oppress? What can we learn from the fact that the French Revolution ended in terror and the Russian Revolution degenerated into totalitarianism, while the American Revolution was successful?

On Saturday 18 November, the Nexus Institute will bring together writers, thinkers, diplomats, politicians and activists from around the world to address these questions and look for answers, ideas and arguments. Which movements will bring freedom in the twenty-first century? Who will oppose power and rise against it? Where will they find strength and inspiration? And what will be the true last revolution?


The Battle of Kirkuk and the rise of the ghost powers


Who has power?


Populism and proxy wars


Liberalism, education and truth