Nexus Conference 2021 -

Saturday 20 November 2021
NO&B / online

The Revolution of Hope

© Jan Reinier van der Vliet

The Revolution of Hope

In the past corona year, we heard a collective cry for radical change echoing around the globe. We witnessed many voices of protest against systemic racism, the destruction of the earth, the resurgence of fascism and government corruption. A year later, the revolutionary fire is still fiercely glowing. Revolutions can bring about epoch-making transformations. But the spirit of revolution does not always lead to a revolution of the spirit. Where do we find, amid all our contemporary crises, the revolutionary hope, courage and creativity to shape new worlds? Which revolutionary forces are now underway? How do our revolutionary ideals relate to the unruly realities that we are confronted with? And what needs to be done to elevate the call for freedom into a deeply felt democratic reality?

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The New Jerusalem

Patti Smith

€ 20

The World as It Is

€ 20

What Went Wrong With the West

€ 20


Svetlana Tikhanovskaya

Belarus, 1982

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya

Belarusian opposition leader
Giuseppe Conte

Italy, 1964

Giuseppe Conte

former Prime Minister of Italy and president of the Italian Five Star Movement
Jeff Flake

United States, 1962

Senator Jeff Flake

Republican politician and critic of Trump
Wole Soyinka

Nigeria, 1934

Wole Soyinka

Nobel Prize-winning author

China, 1939

Robert Skidelsky

historian, economist and politician

United States, 1946

Patti Smith

American cultural icon and singer
Mary Trump

United States, 1965

Mary L. Trump

niece and author of ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’
Kehinde Andrews

United Kingdom, 1983

Kehinde Andrews

anti-racist activist and most influential spokesman for Black Lives Matter in the UK
Patrick Deneen

United States, 1964

Patrick J. Deneen

internationally renowned American political thinker
Haris Vlavianos

Italy, 1975

Haris Vlavianós

Greek European humanist
Antonio Spadaro

Italy, 1966

Antonio Spadaro, S.J.

Italian Jesuit priest
Colombe Cahen-Salvador

France, 1994

Colombe Cahen-Salvador

political activist, co-founder of Volt and co-founder of Atlas
Anand Patwardhan

India, 1950

Anand Patwardhan

Indian artist-activist and revolutionary spirit
Nadia Harhash

Palestine, 1971

Nadia Harhash

Palestinian lawyer and human rights activist
Robert Cooper

United Kingdom, 1947

Robert Cooper

EU diplomat and publicist
Nexus_Nietzsche V Gogh-0154

USA, 1952

Leon Wieseltier

Jewish-American public intellectual and editor of Liberties
Kaye, Lenny

United States, 1946

Lenny Kaye

guitarist, composer and writer


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