The Triumph of Science

and the Secret of Man

When science will have answered all questions on man, will we then know the secret of man? In 1959, British scientist and novelist C.P. Snow pointed to the growing gap between the ‘two cultures’, between the truth claims of hard science on the one hand and the ‘lived’ truth of the humanities on the other.

How is the situation today? What is happening to our ideal of knowledge, to our values, truths, morals, our thinking and acting under the influence of science? What does our modern longing for truth look like? Do the romantics of our day and age gather in bars and cafés, or behind the control panels at CERN in Geneva? Why do the humanities seem useful only when they can prove their economic use? Will science have the final word on the meaning of life and the destiny of man?

In two panels, preceded by a keynote speech, ten scientists, philosophers and writers discuss the big questions concerning science.