Timeless Values in a Shifting World

Nexus Lecture Garry Kasparov

The democratic societies of the modern world are facing challenges new and old to their openness and security. The territorial integrity of Europe has been breached by Vladimir Putin’s dictatorship while terror both from abroad and home-grown has no simple solutions. Clashes stemming from decades of globalization are counterbalancing the benefits. It has been broadly assumed that promoting the values of personal freedom and the tough foreign policy stance that won the Cold War became obsolete with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Recent events have shattered this dream. We require a revised approach based on the acknowledgement that evil still persists in the world today and will only grow if unopposed. Open societies that cannot protect their citizens will not remain open for long.

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Garry Kasparov


Garry Kasparov on Timeless Values

Kasparov urges the West to face reality, to stop their risk-averse behavior and to defend its pluralistic liberal values against the dictators and religious extremists of our time.


Garry Kasparov on Democracy and Geopolitics

Garry Kasparov on Democracy and Geopolitics “We have nowadays unique opportunities with modern communication techniques to get our message straight to the desks of those who are making decisions. I shall especially encourage young people to become active and involved, they should not wait until crisis finds them.”