Letter to Mr. S. Rajaratnam

Kishore Mahbubani

by Kishore Mahbubani

Dear Mr. Rajaratnam,

Is it possible for a man to be kind and gentle, often meek as a lamb, and yet be a fierce fighter, as ferocious as a tiger, in defending a noble cause? Is it possible for a man to be a ruthless realist, brutally cold and dispassionate in analysing geopolitical trends, and yet be a romantic at heart, penning short stories and pursuing ideals, indeed grand ideals? Is it possible for a man to sit comfortably with the powerful elites, dine with kings and queens, and yet be comfortable in a humble coffee shop in Singapore, sipping coffee with taxi drivers and construction workers, while perched precariously on a simple stool?

In theory, the answer to all these three questions should be ‘No!’ In practice, you have proven through your remarkable life that the answer can be a yes. This is why you have been a strong and silent source of inspiration for me all my life, pushing me to go beyond the normal boundaries and comfort zones that we would like to wrap ourselves in.

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