The Mutating World

Ana Palacio

by Ana Palacio

Around six hundred years ago, the Spanish poet Jorge Manrique coined what has become in Spanish culture the epitome of nostalgia: ‘Cualquiera tiempo pasado fue mejor’.

Nostalgia has to do with aging. It means looking at the past and the future with a mix of longing for better times. Today it is my generation, the baby boomer generation, which has begun to wistfully look back to the certainty of bygone days. This is a trap that we cannot fall into.

Ours is a Peter Pan generation, one which refuses to move off the stage, which continues to plan and continues to dominate our Western societies. In the West you see in politics, culture, business an outsized role and influence of those at or exceeding retirement age. For a generation that brought in the era of youth culture, we have simply kept redefining society around ourselves while we age.

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