Guardian Angels

Nexus’ Guardian Angels

In these times, when intellectual education is disregarded and extreme forms of politics are re-emerging, the existence of an independent institution which — inspired by the ideal of European humanism — nourishes intellectual culture to defend freedom and democracy is anything but self-evident. The Nexus Institute’s 25-year existence is largely due to its loyal members, generous Friends and funding bodies, and to politicians in the Netherlands who recognized the Institute’s importance and acted accordingly.

Unfortunately, this political support has become less and less self-evident as a result of pressure from extreme political forces. In order to make the Nexus Institute stronger in times when our work is needed more than ever and the demand for our activities is growing, we are looking for our 100 finest: a circle of Guardian Angels of the Nexus Institute. The Nexus Institute has been granted the 501(c)(3) status in the United States, allowing for donations to be tax deductible for US citizens.

As a Guardian Angel you will receive:
All English-language publications
Access to online Nexus archive
VIP tickets to activities (at your request)
Excellent seats
Access to VIP lounge, including drinks
Meetings with speakers
Exclusive invitation to dinner with speakers

Would you like to join this circle? Please contact Eveline Riemen – van der Ham, vice president of the Nexus Institute, by sending an email to or call +31 (0)85-047 1229 for more information.

With special thanks to our Guardian Angels:  Pepijn Blom – Herjan Coelingh Bennink & Marijke de Boer – Liesbeth Cremers – Arnold Croiset van Uchelen – Karl Guha – Tex Gunning – Victor Halberstadt – Dolf & Liesbeth Huijgers – Erik van der Kooij – Van der Linden Fonds – Onno Ruding – Philip Smits & Angelique Dolle – Jasper van Veghel & Miranda Keeler – Pieter Vereertbrugghen – and the Guardian Angels who prefer to remain anonymous.