Britta Böhler

Germany, 1960

Britta Böhler is a lawyer in international law and human rights. She obtained a PhD with honours on the philosopher Husserl in Freiburg and settled as a lawyer in Amsterdam. In 2000, she published De zwerftocht van een leider. Achter de schermen van de zaak Öcalan (2004) and Crisis in de rechtsstaat. Spraakmakende zaken, verborgen processen. She is currently a partner in the law firm of her own name, Böhler. Between 2007 and 2011, she was a member of the Dutch Senate. In 2011, Britta Böhler was made Extraordinary Professor of the Legal Profession at the University of Amsterdam.


Wim Brands leads the debate between Frits Bolkestein, Ab Klink, Britta Böhler, Paul Frissen, and Meindert Fennema on the popularity of Geert Wilders and populism in the Netherlands. Second panel discussion of the Nexus Symposium 2010 ‘The Return of the Ghosts’.


Paul Frissen and Britta Bohler, 2010

Copyright Robert Goddyn. Second panel Nexus Symposium ‘The Return of the Ghosts’.