Hassan Mneimneh

Lebanon, 1961

Hassan Mneimneh is an esteemed public intellectual in the Arabic­-speaking world. Growing up in Lebanon, he experienced both prosperous peace and devastating war. He left Beirut for the United States in 1986, studying at Georgetown and Harvard. In his work at the American Enterprise Institute (2008­-2009), the Hudson Institute (2009-2011) and the German Marshall Fund of the United States (since 2011), he is committed to the realization of a transformed Arab culture in fairness and at peace with itself and the world. Considering radical Islamism as both a continuation of isolationist escapism and an imminent global threat, Mneimneh actively supports the empowerment of local players withstanding it. Despite impediments, he continues to see the ‘Arab Spring’ as a positive transformative movement, offering the region access to a new political culture.