Ilana Shmueli

Romania, 1924 - 2011

Ilana Shmueli was a poet and translator. Shmueli grew up in Chernivtsi (Bukovina), where, just like her childhood friend and later lover Paul Celan, she managed to survive the ghetto. She moved to Israel and worked in Tel Aviv as a pedagogue. Shmueli translated poetry and prose, and wrote works such as the poetry book Zwischen dem Jetzt und dem Jetzt (2007) as well as Zeitläufe: Ein Brief (2009). She wrote two works on Paul Celan, Sag, dass Jerusalem ist — Aufzeichnungen über Paul Celan (2000) and Paul Celan-Ilana Shmueli, Briefwechsel (2004). In 2006, she published her memoir Ein Kind aus guter Familie. Czernowitz 1924-1944.