Ivan Krastev

Bulgaria, 1965

Ivan Krastev is a political scientist, chairman of the Center for Liberal Strategy in Sofia and researcher at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna. As a founding member of the European Council on Foreign Relations, an independent think tank and media platform at which he is trustee, he is committed to obtaining and disseminating reliable information on European politics and policies, combining his academic expertise and his knowledge of Russian and Eastern European politics. He is editor of various leading journals in the field, such as Europe’s World, Journal of Democracy and Transit – Europäische Revue, and wrote many influential books on democracy, among which Democracy Discrupted. The Global Politics on Protest (2014), In Mistrust We Trust. Can Democracy Survive When We Do not Trust Our Leaders? (2013) and Shifting Obsessions. Three Essays on the Politics of Anticorruption(2004).