Jacqueline Murekatete

Rwanda, 1984

Jacqueline Murekatete is an internationally renowned genocide survivor and human rights activist. Born in Rwanda, Murekatete was nine years old when she lost her parents, all six siblings and most of her extended family to the 1994 genocide. She was inspired to share her story of survival and hope for the first time in 2001 after listening to the story of the late Holocaust survivor David Gewirtzman. Since then, Jacqueline has delivered hundreds of genocide-prevention and human rights presentations at schools, NGO events and faith-based communities across the US and in Germany, Israel, Ireland, Bosnia, and Belgium. She has also addressed the UN General Assembly and regularly participates in high-level human rights conferences. Jacqueline is the founder and president of Genocide Survivors Foundation, an NGO which educates people about the crime of genocide and raises funds to support survivors.