Leon Wieseltier

United States, 1952

Leon Wieseltier  is one of America’s leading public intellectuals, a distinguished critic and prolific writer. After his studies at Harvard and Oxford, he quickly became the principal literary editor for The New Republic. After more than thirty years at this influential journal, he left in 2014 in protest of managerial changes. In the fall of 2020, he will present the first issue of a new journal on culture and politics, Liberties, which seeks to inform today’s cultural and political leaders, deepen the understanding of citizens, and inspire the next generation to participate in the democratic process and public service. Wieseltier, whose moving diary Kaddish (1998) phenomenally addresses the eternal themes of loss and faith, freedom and predestination and the significance of traditions, is a devoted Jew, who lost many members of his family in the Shoah. In 1993 he published the influential essay ‘After Memory: Reflections on the Holocaust Memorial Museum’.