Sidney Blumenthal

United States, 1948

Sidney Blumenthal is a journalist, historian and presidential adviser. He was assistant and senior adviser in the White House to President Bill Clinton and has been a senior adviser to Hillary Clinton. He graduated from Brandeis University, was a senior fellow at the New York University Center for Law and Security, and worked as a journalist for such prominent publications as The Washington Post, The New Yorker and The Guardian. He has written several influential books, including The Permanent Campaign (1980), The Clinton Wars (2003), How Bush Rules: Chronicles of a Radical Regime (2006), and The Strange Death of Republican America (2008). He was executive producer of the documentary film on torture Taxi to the Dark Side, which won an Academy Award and an Emmy Award. He has also written a widely produced play, This Town. The first volume of his widely acclaimed, four-part Lincoln biography A Self-Made Man was published in 2016.