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An Essay on the Understanding of Evil
Author Alain Badiou
By Ruud van de Meerakker
Apart from a polemical assault on other ethical doctrines and the politics they sustain, this book provides a sketch of Badiou’s ethics of ‘processes of truth’.
The Looshaus
Author Christopher Long
By Alan Janik
Once we have grasped that point there is no chance of being distracted by the verbal pyrotechnics in Loos’s polemics from understanding his architectural achievements.
The Places In Between
Author Rory Stewart
By Corinne Fowler
Stewart’s self-reflexive narrative is very knowing of the fact that his trek through Afghanistan comes not so much after the emperor Babur as after international media coverage of Operation Enduring Freedom, the first phase of the War on Terror.
The Pursuit of the Nazi Mind
Hitler, Hess, and the Analysts
Author Daniel Pick
By Frederik van Gelder
Pick sees both the necessity of the wartime militarization of psychoanalysis and the impossibility of accepting the theoretical principles upon which this was ostensibly based.
Das Recht der Freiheit
Grundriß einer demokratischen Sittlichkeit
Author Axel Honneth
By Robin Celikates
Honneth follows Durkheim instead of Marx in interpreting the capitalist market not as system of domination but as an institution that promises the general realization of individual interests and capacities.
Im Raum der Stille: Lektüren
Author George Steiner
By Elisa Tamaschke
Simply following Steiner’s train of thought constitutes a broadening of the reader's horizon
What Ever Happened to Modernism?
Author Gabriel Josipovici
By Cora Stam
Josipovici portrays modern English literature as ‘anecdotal’, ‘smooth’, ‘complacent’, ‘predictable’, ‘comforting’, ‘constricting’ the sum total leaving him with a feeling that ‘the world has been made smaller and meaner’.
Reading Huizinga
Author Ingrid Rowland
By Willem Otterspeer
Huizinga can find revelation in the clash of armies, in Jan van Eyck’s signature as witness to Giovanni Arnolfini’s wedding or the shimmering blue and yellow of a Vermeer dress.