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Nexus Symposium Je suis Européen! © Dolph Cantrijn Nexus Symposium Je suis Européen! © Dolph Cantrijn

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The Nexus Institute organizes various activities every year, which center on the big questions and which confront the here and now with the humanistic tradition. In this way, topical issues appear in a new light.

In the Nexus Lecture, a prominent intellectual presents us with his or her view on our society, art and culture, on our history and future. The lecture series has had distinguished speakers such as George Steiner, Edward Said, Sonia Gandhi, Jürgen Habermas and Daniel Barenboim.

The Nexus Conferences form an annual highlight. After the keynote speaker has explored the Conference’s theme, the audience witness a full day of lively debates between famous, original and exceptional thinkers. The Institute strives to include a wide variety of voices. In between debates, music performances and masterclasses take place.

The Nexus Symposium combines surprising elements in an intellectually stimulating way. Musicians explain what drives them and display their art; politicians and intellectuals debate on their roles and responsibilities or give their views on society and the cultural world.

Especially for students, there is the Nexus Masterclass. A well-known speaker introduces a subject which matters to us all, from politics and education to social media. Then, he or she enters into a discussion with the students in the audience. The result is an exciting Socratic conversation.

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Dubravka Ugrešić
De grondstoffenvloek
What Will Save the World?
​Vluchtelingen, ballingen, emigrés
Grafschriften en doopbewijzen
Democracy Today in the USA
Meet Hillary’s house historian
The Battle for Europe
Go Ask Sellars!
Climbing the Razor-Path Mountain and Leaping Into Fire
Boekpresentatie Nexus 70
Feestelijk fondsenwervingdiner 2015
Waiting for the Barbarians
Roger Scruton
Meet & greet with Apostolos Doxiadis
Je suis Européen!
Meet & Greet
Garry Kasparov
Nieuwjaarsborrel Connect
History Lessons
Simon Schama
Voorbeschouwing Simon Schama
Connect drinks reception

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