Nexus Masterclass Sherry Turkle -

22 September 2011
16.00 – 17.30
Auditorium Tilburg University

Alone Together

These days, we communicate through WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. We are drawn irresistibly to each new message. That’s why everyone can be seen these days with a phone in their hand: train travelers, parents and children in the schoolyard, friends at the café, students in class. What are the personal consequences of always being in touch? And what are the consequences for society as a whole? Sherry Turkle makes a plea for a digital ethics. She discussed what shape this should have in her Nexus Masterclass with students, demonstrably the most intensive social media users.

Nexus Masterclass 2011: Alone Together: Identity and Digital Culture



United States, 1948

Sherry Turkle

sociologist and social media expert


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