Meet & greet with Peter Sellars -

13 March 2016
16.45 – 17.45

Go Ask Sellars!

The drug wars in Harlem, the conflict in Afghanistan and contemporary slavery – in his celebrated and controversial operas, Peter Sellars connects these contemporary worlds and themes with the classic art of Mozart, Kafka and Händel. Sellar’s pieces are always innovative, socially engaged and intellectually challenging. Sellars studied at Harvard and has been involved with the Nexus Institute from the start. This year’s Nexus Lecture gives him another chance to shine as a very enthusiastic and animated speaker.

Connect members have the unique opportunity to meet with him in person! Go ask Sellars, pose your questions – directly following his lecture. Creating an opera, what does it involve? Should art take heed of politics? How do you force yourself to be innovative? Could art be a substitute for religion? What’s wrong with today’s education? How could we all become creative and innovative thinkers?



United States, 1957

Peter Sellars

theatre director


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