The Future of Humanism

Nexus Lecture Mario Vargas Llosa

Our time is characterized by a penchant for the trivial: on TV, in the newspapers, in politics and education. It seems like culture is on sale everywhere and only spectacle counts. What appears to be a financial crisis is really a moral crisis. In his 2013 Nexus Lecture, ‘The Future of Humanism’, Mario Vargas Llosa offers a relentless analysis of the flaws of our times, and explores the possibilities of an alternative attitude to life, which holds intellectual ambition, value-consciousness and spiritual autonomy in high regard.

Mario Vargas Llosa (Peru, 1936) is a living legend. As a novelist, journalist, essayist, playwright and politician, he has left his mark on our time and changed the face of Latin America. In 2010, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.


Mario Vargas Llosa on The Culture That Was

A relentless analysis of the flaws of our times and an exploration of an alternative attitude to life