Nexus publishes
In order to promote the European ideal of civilization, Rob Riemen founded the journal Nexus in 1991. Each year since, three issues have been published in which scholars, artists, politicians and other prominent thinkers publish eloquent essays on the big questions of life. Nexus is about the meaning and value of our cultural heritage for contemporary society. In the words of Marguerite Yourcenar: ‘Each man fortunate enough to benefit to some degree from this legacy of culture seemed to me responsible for protecting it and holding it in trust for the human race.’

The Nexus Library series of high-quality, bound books features important texts on cultural philosophy which have not been translated into Dutch before. Various books were published in Dutch as well as English.

Nexus initiates
From 1994 onwards, the Nexus Institute has organised lectures, conferences, symposia and masterclasses, promoting international debate on artistic, philosophical and cultural themes, with the humanist tradition as its starting point, yet allowing for many different and diverging voices to join the discussion.