Nexus Symposium -

26 May 2018
13.30 – 17.30
DeLaMar Theatre Amsterdam

An Education in Counterculture

The term counterculture was coined by sociologist Theodore Roszak to describe the social and cultural revolt in the 1960s. New York was the capital of counterculture: first as an incubator for new visions on art, life and the world, the poetry of the Beat Generation, Bob Dylan’s music, sex, drugs and rock and roll; later as a battleground for the civil rights movement, resistance to the war in Vietnam and protests against a materialistic, authoritarian society.

Singer and writer Patti Smith, her guitarist and rock-and-roll-historian Lenny Kaye, and Dylan-biographer Sean Wilentz – whose father ran the 8th Street Bookshop where Allen Ginsberg’s Beat Generation gathered – lived through and helped shape this remarkable period. Through images and music, they showed the audience what counterculture was and what it can mean for us today: An Education in Counterculture.

Photos by Jan Reinier van der Vliet.

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Published in

Journal Nexus

Nexus 78

Lessen in tegencultuur

Lessen in tegencultuur

Dutch publication with contributions from a.o. Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye en Sean Wilentz



United States, 1946

Patti Smith

American cultural icon and singer
Kaye, Lenny

United States, 1946

Lenny Kaye

guitarist, composer and writer
Nexus War and Future Nov 2022-_JRD0873

United States, 1951

Sean Wilentz

Professor of American History at Princeton


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