Nexus Conference 2012 -

2 December 2012
13.00 – 17.30
Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

How to Change the World?

Revolution is of all times. Man in revolt, who fights against the injustice of those in power and aims for a better world, has always existed. In our world, we see the rekindling of the revolutionary fire: movements such as Occupy, the Arab Spring and the South European indignados rebel against the powers that be. The same goes for populist political parties and groups like the Tea Party. Which ideal is worth fighting for? And why should the world be changed?

During the 2012 Nexus Conference, prominent international speakers discuss the question how we can change the world. Is a better world really possible? Is man truly free, or does he allow those in power to manipulate him, and commercialism to corrupt him all too easily? How can change be achieved? And what should our world come to look like?


Published in

Journal Nexus

Nexus 63

Hoe veranderen we de wereld?

Hoe veranderen we de wereld?

Dutch publication with contributions by the speakers at the Nexus Conference 2012, such as a.o. Alain Badiou, Margaret Atwood, John Gray, Rory Stewart, Parag Khanna, Evgeny Morozov, Rory Sutherland, Agnes Heller, Roger Scruton and Daniel Pick.


Canada, 1939

Margaret Atwood

writer and poet

Morocco, 1937

Alain Badiou

marxist philosopher

United Kingdom, 1948

John Gray

political philosopher and skeptic

Hungary, 1929 - 2019

Ágnes Heller

political philosopher

India, 1977

Parag Khanna

international relations expert

Belarus, 1984

Evgeny Morozov

writes critically on the digital revolution

United Kingdom, 1960

Daniel Pick


United Kingdom, 1944 - 2020

Roger Scruton

conservative philosopher and art expert

United Kingdom, 1973

Rory Stewart

member of parliament for the Conservative Party

United Kingdom, 1965

Rory Sutherland

PR expert and digital revolutionary


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