Nexus Lecture Daniel Barenboim -

13 February 2010
15.00 – 17.00
Auditorium Tilburg University

The Ethics of Aesthetics

Music helps us gain insight into our natures and minds and teaches us to make connections between highly divergent things and thoughts. Daniel Barenboim points out that with music comes ethics. The musician has the ethical duty to render the music in a well-thought-of and deeply felt way, and in his turn, the listener ought to not let himself get distracted too easily. It is the ethics of aesthetics which determines the true beauty of music.


Daniel Barenboim on The Ethics of Aesthetics. Part 1

Daniel Barenboim on The Ethics of Aesthetics. Part 2

Published in

Nexus Library
2010 or Earlier

The Ethics of Aesthetics

Bilingual edition

The Ethics of Aesthetics

Nexus Library, Volume VII, bilingual hardcover edition. From the bottom of his heart and from the top of his wisdom, conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim formulates the great values music has to offer.


Argentina, 1942

Daniel Barenboim

pianist and conductor


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