Nexus Lecture Angus Deaton -

Aula Erasmus University Rotterdam
Saturday 17 December, 15.00-17.00

What’s the Matter With Capitalism?

What’s the Matter With Capitalism

Saturday 17 December
Aula Erasmus University Rotterdam, Campus Woudestein

Society as a whole would benefit from the power of the free market: for decades, the West blindly believed in this economic fairy tale. It turns out we couldn’t be further from the truth. Social and economic inequality is greater than ever and the number of people living in poverty in the Western world is growing exponentially. Sir Angus Deaton was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for his research on poverty, and in his Nexus Lecture he will address the problems in our current capitalist model and what needs to be done to distribute wealth more fairly and to fight poverty while having a thriving economy.

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What’s the Matter With Capitalism
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