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France, 1949
philosopher, cultural pessimist

Alain Finkielkraut

Alain Finkielkraut is a philosopher and essayist. He studied comparative literature and taught French literature at Berkeley, but returned to France to teach philosophy. He has been Professor of Philosophy in Paris since 1989. Finkielkraut, who is often described as a cultural pessimist, published on subjects such as postmodern culture, populism and the multicultural society. His main works are The Defeat of the Mind (1995) and The Wisdom of Love (2001). In 2015, Finkielkraut wroteL’identité malheureuse.

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Nexus 49

Wie is wel onderwezen?
Journal Nexus
2010 or Earlier

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Vrijheid en tirannie
Journal Nexus
2010 or Earlier

Nexus 15

Het testament van de 20ste eeuw Deel I. Strategieën van vergetelheid

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