Photo: Robert Goddyn
Belgium, 1950
literary scholar

Antoine Compagnon

Antoine Compagnon is a literary scholar who specializes in Renaissance and twentieth-century literature, and in literary theory and criticism. He wrote works such as La Troisième République des Lettres (1983), Les cinq paradoxes de la modernité (1990), L’Esprit de l’Europe (1993) and Les Antimodernes, de Joseph de Maistre à Roland Barthes (2005). After teaching at universities such as Oxford and the Sorbonne, he has been Professor of Modern and Contemporary French Literature at the Collège de France in Paris since 2006.

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Part I. The Classics, Art, and Kitsch

Towards a Definition of Western Culture

11 November 2006 09.30 - 18.30 Passenger Terminal, Amsterdam