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Italy, 1969
author of the bestselling novels on Mussolini

Antonio Scurati

Antonio Scurati is a best-selling Italian novelist, world-famous for his series of novels on Mussolini. Scurati studied philosophy in Milan and Paris. He taught and coordinated a center for studying the languages of war and violence at the university of Bergamo. Currently, Scurati is  Professor of Comparative Literature and Creative Writing at the IULM University in Milan, and a columnist for Corriere della Sera. Scurati published various novels, essays and articles, and a biography of the famous Italian anti-fascist Leone Ginzburg: Il tempo migliore della nostra vita (The Best Time of Our Life). Scurati also made a film documentary about director Pier Paolo Pasolini. His novel M: Son of the Century (2018), the first part of his tetralogy on Mussolini and the rise of fascism, sold more than 600.000 copies, was translated into forty languages and won him the prestigious Strega Prize.

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