head of research Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Azza El-Kholy

Azza El-Kholy is the head of the Academic Research Sector of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and professor of American literature at Alexandria University, where she also obtained her doctorate. Her academic and research interests include feminist criticism, women’s issues, nineteenth-century literature translation and the current political state of affairs in Egypt and the region – she is very critical of Western interference. Alongside her academic career, she was the director of the Centre for Democracy and Social Peace Studies at the Bibliotheca Alexandria and has taken on many directive functions promoting translation initiatives. El-Kholy strives to empower women in the Middle East through education, emphasising the important role women had in the recent social changes in Egypt. She is a consultant for the National Translation Project in Egypt, and an editor of the Feminist Press project Women Writing Africa: The Northern Region (2009), giving a voice to the many female writers of Africa.