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France, 1953
art historian and philosopher

Georges Didi-Huberman

Georges Didi-Huberman is a renowned French art historian, philosopher and intellectual. His research spans the visual arts, the historiography of art, psychoanalysis, the human sciences, and philosophy. Didi-Huberman studied art history and philosophy at the Université de Lyon and received his doctoral degree at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris in 1981 under the supervision of Louis Marin. He is at home in the intellectual world of Sigmund Freud, Aby Warburg and Walter Benjamin among others. Didi-Huberman wrote various books on art and artists, including Fra Angelico, Alberto Giacometti, Georges Bataille and James Turrell, and in 2009, inspired by Dante and Pier Paolo Pasolini, his timely reflection Survivance des lucioles (Survival of the Fireflies). In 2015, Didi-Huberman received the prestigious Adorno Award for outstanding achievement in philosophy, theatre, music and film from the city of Frankfurt.

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Nexus Conference 2023

Nietzsche and Van Gogh discuss the Future of Western Civilization

Saturday 17 June 2023 National Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam