Haris Vlavianos
© Jan Reinier van der Vliet
Italy, 1975
Greek European humanist

Haris Vlavianós

Haris Vlavianos is the quintessential European thinker and humanist, known for his work as a poet, historian and translator. The thesis that earned him an Oxford PhD degree was published as Greece 1941–1949. From Resistance to Civil War. He gained international fame with his ‘fictional document’ Hitler’s Secret Diary, in which he emplots Hitler’s voice in a diary form. Vlavianos has published thirteen collections of poetry, of which his latest, Self-Portrait of White (2018), won several prestigious awards. Among his translations are the works of poets such as Walt Whitman, T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Anne Carson, Zbigniew Herbert, Fernando Pessoa, Louise Glück and William Blake. Vlavianos is a Professor of History and Politics at the American College of Greece, editor of the literary journal Poetics and poetry editor at Patakis Publications.

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Revolution of Hope


Nexus Conference 2021

The Revolution of Hope

Saturday 20 November 2021 NO&B / online