Germany, 1927
editor of Thomas Mann's diaries and letters

Inge Jens

Inge Jens is a literary scholar and a publicist. She studied German, English and pedagogy in Tübingen and Hamburg and wrote a PhD thesis on expressionist literature. Jens taught at the university of Tübingen and was editor with various publishers. In 1960, she edited Thomas Mann’s letters to Ernst Bertram, and in 1984, the correspondence between Hans and Sophie Scholl. Between 1986 and 1996, she was responsible for the publication of Thomas Mann’s diaries. Together with her husband Walter Jens, she wrote Frau Thomas Mann (2003) and Katias Mutter (2005). Jens also published the letters of composer Ralph Bernatsky. In 2009, her autobiography, Unvollständige Erinnerungen, came out.

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