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The Netherlands, 1946
acclaimed theatre director

Johan Simons

Johan Simons is an internationally acclaimed theatre director, with a strong interest in contemporary social themes and a commitment to international cultural collaboration. Trained as a dancer and actor, he debuted in 1976 at Haagsche Comedie; here he also staged his first play. For years, Simons led several theatre companies in both the Netherlands and Belgium, among which Hollandia and NTGent. His lauded productions Two Voices (1997) and The Fall of the Gods (1999) were positively received at various European festivals for their powerfully expressive staging and moving performances. For his groundbreaking work, Simons received a doctorate of the University of Ghent and several awards, including the prestigious European Prize for New Theatrical Realities (2000) and the Prins Bernhard Cultuur Prize (2014). Additionally, he directed several operas with renowned companies in Salzburg, Paris and Madrid. Currently, Simons is the artistic director of Germany’s illustrious Münchner Kammerspiele, celebrating European culture in all its facets with daring international (co-)productions.

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