Jordi Savall
Foto: Dolph Cantrijn
Spain, 1942
Baroque musician

Jordi Savall

Jordi Savall is a prominent Catalan baroque musician, conductor and composer. He grew up in francoist Spain and discovered the unique sound of the viola da gamba, after his education as a cellist at the Barcelona conservatory. Savall went on to study at the Schola Basiliensis in Basel, Switzerland, where he also taught. Currently, he is based at Juilliard. Savall is one of the best-loved performers of early music, internationally known for his three ensembles: Hespèrion XX (currently known as Hespèrion XXI), La Capella Reial de Catalunya and Le Concert des Nations. He received public and critical acclaim for his awarded soundtrack of Tous les matins du monde, a film by Alain Corneau on the composers Sainte-Colombe and Marin Marais. Through his record label Alia Vox, Savall publishes both recordings and ‘book-cds’ on persons and themes such as Erasmus, Don Quixote and the Mediterranean, demonstrating his commitment to our shared, European, intellectual heritage.
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