United Kingdom, 1966
writer and the executor of Ernst Gombrich’s literary estate

Leonie Gombrich

Leonie Gombrich, granddaughter of the legendary art historian Ernst H. Gombrich and the pianist Ilse Heller, became the executor of her grandfather’s literary estate upon his death in 2001. Originally an English literature graduate, she worked for some years at a literary agency in New York and in the performing arts in London, . She managed two well-known contemporary dance companies: the Michael Clark Company and DV8 Physical Theatre, both known for their innovative interpretations of modern dance and performance art. In later years, Gombrich left arts administration in order to return to an old passion: writing. She took an MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia and now works as a freelance editor and writer, while remaining at the Board of Directors of DV8.

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