Nadia Harhash
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Palestine, 1971
Palestinian lawyer and human rights activist

Nadia Harhash

Nadia Harhash is a lawyer, writer, researcher and a human rights activist, known for her in-depth analysis on the Palestine-Israel situation and covering significant issues on Palestinian society. She is a columnist at Ra’y Al Yom. Her books include the brave novel In the Shadows of Men (2016), the thorough study Growth and Development of Palestinian Women Movement during the Mandate Period (2018) and On the Path of Mariam (2019). Most recently she published Nietzsche in Jerusalem: A diary of a Dog (2021). Harhash is a senior program officer at HEKS/EPER, a major humanitarian NGO. She plays an active role in transforming the politics of the Palestinian Authority and making it more democratic.

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The Revolution of Hope

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