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United Kingdom, 1944
philosopher, meta-ethicist

Simon Blackburn

Simon Blackburn is Professor of Philosophy at Trinity College, Cambridge. He is known as a thinker who can make the big questions accessible in a convincing manner, and practices a characteristic form of Humean meta-ethics. Blackburn is the author of works such as The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy (1994), Being Good (2001), Truth: A Guide (2005), Plato’s Republic (2006) and Practical Tortoise Raising and other Philosophical Essays (2010).

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Journal Nexus
2010 or Earlier

Nexus 39

De queeste van het leven Deel III. Anatomie van het verlies

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Part III. The Anatomy of Loss

The Quest for Life

2 November 2003 9.20 - 22.00 Tilburg University