Poland, 1970
poet and translator

Tomasz Różycki

Tomasz Rózycki is a poet and translator. After studying Romance languages at Jagielloński University in Cracow, he taught French at the Foreign Language Institute. He became famous as a translator for his Polish translation of Mallarmé’s long poem ‘Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le hasard’ (2005). By then, Rózycki had already made a name for himself as a poet: his first poetry collection, Vaterland, appeared in 1997. His poetry received various awards; Dwanaście stacji (‘Twelve Stations’, 2004) was awarded the Kościelski Prize. In 2010, Księga obrotów (‘Book of Revolutions’) appeared.

Published in

Journal Nexus
2010 or Earlier

Nexus 48

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