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Germany, 2001
author of Generation Z

Valentina Vapaux

Valentina Vapaux is a German-Mexican writer and content creator in her twenties. She is a bright example of her generation, of which she draws a picture in her bestselling collection of essays Generation Z (2021). Vapaux has thousands of followers on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, where she’s been frequently sharing videos on literature, lifestyle, fashion, identity, love and her own life since around 2017. After finishing highschool in 2019, Vapaux started a political podcast for teenagers in cooperation with the German public broadcasting network ARD: Pancake Politik. Around the same time, she followed a summer school on French literature at the Sorbonne and was selected for a learning program at The School of The New York Times. After having studied Literary Studies and Political Sciences at the Freie Universität Berlin for some time, Vapaux now studies Creative Writing at the university of Hildesheim. She’s currently working on her second book.

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Nexus Conference 2023

Nietzsche and Van Gogh discuss the Future of Western Civilization

Saturday 17 June 2023 National Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam