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Nexus Library, volume V, bilingual hardcover edition


Sonia Gandhi rapidly grew into a charismatic political leader and is universally praised for her moral and political courage. In a most inspiring lecture, Sonia Gandhi, widow of the murdered prime minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, speaks about her commitment to the future of India. She manages to bridge the gap between ethnical, religious and cultural barriers in order to share her strong sense of justice and her belief in human dignity. Sonia Gandhi represents a voice of hope, worthy of her family name.

Like Rembrandt’s, this is a story of light and darkness, of mystery and the hidden hand of Destiny. Like Van Gogh’s, it is also a story of inner struggle and torment, a story of how the experience of loss can impart a deeper meaning to life.


Italy, 1946

Sonia Gandhi

leader of the Indian Congress Party