Nexus Lecture Wynton Marsalis -

Sunday 12 November 2023
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Calling Dr. Jazz: the Case for Integrity

Calling Dr. Jazz: the Case for Integrity

‘Music has the power to elevate our quality of life, to connect people and broaden our consciousness’, says world-renowned jazz trumpeter, bandleader, composer and educator Wynton Marsalis. Values such as freedom, creativity, collective action, acceptance, gratitude and resilience are a fundamental part of jazz. But in our current society, these same values are in danger of disappearing, and call for continuous defense.

Marsalis has played alongside jazz legends such as Sarah Vaughan, Sonny Rollins and Dizzy Gillespie. He received his first out of many Grammy’s for his performance of Haydn and Mozart, and became a living legend himself. Marsalis has dedicated his career to keeping jazz alive, including its cultural and moral values. On Sunday 12 November, he came to Rotterdam to deliver the Nexus Lecture 2023 on music, culture and democracy.

Photos: Rene Castelijn

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Nexus Lecture



United States, 1962

Wynton Marsalis

world-renowned trumpeter, composer and a leading advocate of jazz culture

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