Nexus Lecture Philippe de Montebello -

31 March 2012
14.30 – 17.00
Auditorium Tilburg University

The Academy and the Museum

As Director Emeritus of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Philippe de Montebello was the judge of art from all ages and cultures. What makes a good work of art? How can we recognise it? And how should a museum treat its art works, its visitors and its financers? How elitist or how democratic ought it to be? And how does it relate to the academic world?


Philippe de Montebello on Judging the Quality of Art Works

Published in

Journal Nexus

Nexus 61

Verloren liefde

Verloren liefde

Dutch publication with reflective essays on lost love for the book, the dance, erotic pleasure, Europe, the dignity of the word, the monastic life and much more. Nexus 61 also contains the text of the Nexus Lecture 2012.

Philippe de Montebello on the Museum vs. the iPad (Q&A)


France, 1936

Philippe de Montebello

former director of The Metropolitan Museum of Art


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