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The Nexus Institute strives to be a completely independent organisation in order to let free discussion thrive. If you value our philosophy and objectives, if you you want to contribute to and explore the European humanist tradition and want to support the Institute’s activities and publications, we invite you to become a Friend of Nexus.

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Guardian Angels of the Nexus Institute
The Nexus Institute is looking for its Guardian Angels: generous donors who are willing to join the Friends of the Nexus Institute by means of a five-year pledge of support with a gift of at least 2500 euro’s per year. This gift is tax-deductible for Dutch and US citizens. More information about the benefits can be found here.

Do you have any questions or would you like to become a Nexus Friend? Our vice-president Eveline Riemen-van der Ham will gladly inform you of the options.

Email: ham[at]
Telephone: (+31) 85 047 1229