Photo: James Duncan Davidson
China, 1968
venture capitalist and critic of liberalism

Eric Li

Eric Li is a venture capitalist and political scientist. After studying in the United States he returned to China, where he became a critic of the notion that China’s progress should follow the path of the West’s free-market principles. He has written articles on global politics and the relation between China and the West for The New York Times, Foreign Affairs and other publications. In his writings and public lectures, he argues that globalization has run out of steam and that the Chinese model offers a viable alternative to Western liberal democracy. Li is the founder of Chengwei Capital in Shanghai, serves on the board of directors of China Europe International Business School and is a Fellow of the Aspen Institute.

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Nexus Conference 2019

The Ring or What Will Rule the World

Sunday 10 November 2019 9.30 – 16.00 National Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam