Mexico, 1980

Humberto Beck

Humberto Beck is a Mexican historian, essayist and editor, and a professor at the Center of International Studies at El Colegio de México, in Mexico City. He specializes in intellectual history and global current affairs. He has been the online editor of Letras Libres, as well as the founder and co-editor of Horizontal. His essays have also appeared in The New York TimesDissent, America’s Quarterly, New Perspectives Quarterly, and El País. His latest book publications include an analysis of the thought of historian and social critic Ivan Illich (Otra modernidad es posible: el pensamiento de Iván Illich, 2017), the co-edition of a collective volume on policy proposals for Mexico (El futuro es hoy: ideas radicales para México, 2018), and an intellectual history of the concepts of instantaneous temporality, rupture and crisis (The Moment of Rupture: Historical Consciousness in Interwar German Thought, 2019). He is currently working on an intellectual history of Latin American ideas, as well as on a history of the notion of limits in twentieth-century social and political European thought.

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