Poland, 1998
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Wojtek Wieczorek

Wojtek Wieczorek was born and raised in Warsaw. He studied to become a doctor for many years, until he finally relinquished this idea and decided to focus on literature. In 2018 he came to Amsterdam to study humanities at Amsterdam University College. He debuted in spoken-word poetry in 2017 during an event in Warsaw’s Royal Baths Park organised by Polish poet Jarosław Mikoła­jewski. Wieczorek is currently preparing his first collection of poems which he hopes to publish this year. The working title is ‘to nie czas na poezję’ which translates as ‘this is not the time for poetry’. Wieczorek finds his main literary inspiration in Polish literature: in it he finds a unique representa­tion of universal ideas. Wieczorek is particularly interested in the representation of 20th-century reality through literature, ideas of a united Europe in literature, and literary correspondence. The future he envisages for himself oscillates be­tween writing, teaching literature, engaging in local politics, and opening a café.

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Nexus 82

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Cultivating the Human Spirit in Dispirited Times

The Magic Mountain Revisited

21 September 2019 9.15 - 17.00 National Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam