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United States, 1962
world-renowned trumpeter, composer and a leading advocate of jazz culture

Wynton Marsalis

Wynton Marsalis is a world-renowned trumpeter, bandleader, composer, educator and a leading advocate of jazz culture. He serves as Managing & Artistic Director of Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York, the Director of Jazz Studies at The Juilliard School, and President of the Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation. Marsalis started practicing trumpet at age six and began touring worldwide in 1981. Since then, he committed himself to rekindling and animating widespread international interest in jazz through his performances, educational activities, books, curricula, and relentless advocacy on public platforms. Marsalis has played with jazz legends such as Art Blakey, Sarah Vaughan, Sonny Rollins and Dizzy Gillespie. He is also acclaimed for his many classical compositions including A Fiddler’s Tale (1998), Concerto in D (2015), and most recently, Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra (2023). He has received honorary doctorates from 41 of academic institutions including Harvard, Yale and Princeton, and has been appointed many prizes, awards and honorary distinctions. Marsalis believes that music can elevate the quality of human life and engagement for individuals, social networks and cultural institutions throughout the world.

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Nexus Lecture Wynton Marsalis

Calling Dr. Jazz: the Case for Integrity

Sunday 12 November 2023 Erasmus University Rotterdam