Nexus Library

The Ethics of Aesthetics

Nexus Library, volume VII, bilingual hardcover edition

From the bottom of his heart and from the top of his wisdom, conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim formulates the great values music has to offer.

There is no end to what music can teach us if we are able to delve into it and not segregate it from our intellectual lives. Music has been banished over the years to a remote kingdom of pleasure and escape, assumed to have nothing to say to the parts of our brains that determine everyday thought or life. This is a sad state of affairs for all involved. Music has the capacity to express what humanity can do when it overcomes its limitations. Music possesses the power of communication between human beings regardless of their gender, race, or nationality. All this may be because music puts us on a path from chaos to order.


Argentina, 1942

Daniel Barenboim

pianist and conductor