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A New Age of Anxiety

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The Ring

or What Will Rule the World. On Wagner, power and love. View the photo’s now.

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published Atwood, Soyinka and Ai
14 Nov Nexus Conference

Nexus Conference 2019: The Ring
or What Will Rule the World

The Ring: a symbol of limitless power and riches, corrupting the mighty and keeping the masses in servitude. In Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen the old, corrupt world goes up in flames to make way for a new world of brotherhood, beauty and love. But what should the new world look like? On Sunday 10 November, speakers from the worlds of power and the arts offered their view of what Wagner’s questions mean for us today.

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Cultura Animi II:The World as It Is
in the Eyes of Atwood, Soyinka and Ai

The World as It Is is the second volume in the new Cultura Animi series. This beautifully bound hardcover edition contains the text of the Nexus Lecture by Margaret Atwood, an essay by the Nobel Prize-winning author Wole Soyinka and the Nexus Lecture by Ai Weiwei: three fascinating essays on human rights, good and evil and the responsibility of the artist. Order your copy now, or join our new and receive a new publication in the Cultura Animi series each year.

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